QR Codes in the Libraries

The University Libraries are starting to use QR (Quick Response) codes in the library to allow you to connect to more information while you are in our libraries.  QR codes are special two-dimensional ‘bar codes’ that will allow users with Internet-enabled phones, tablets, etc. to easily connect to a website, add a phone number to a contact list, download a music file, etc.  You must download a QR reader app for your device and then you can scan the code to be taken to the Internet content.


QR Code for display cases

The QR code on this page, for example, will take you to more information about the objects in the display cases on the first floor of Carlson Library that display glass and masks donated by Dorothy Price and Peggy Grant.  This code is also posted on signs near the display cases, so if you are in the library and want to know more about the collection, it’s only a click away!


The library is planning to develop more uses for QR codes in the near future.  They may be placed near our bound journal volumes to direct you to electronic journals, or in our book shelves to connect you with subject guides or databases on the same topic.  We will be using them in virtual tours of the libraries.  If you think of other uses, please let us know in the comments!