HSC Art Showcase at Mulford through 2/21

If you happen to be on the Health Science Campus, please check out the Mulford Library’s HSC Artists’ Showcase, on display through February 21st.  Here are some photos from the opening reception:

2 thoughts on “HSC Art Showcase at Mulford through 2/21

  1. I hope to make it over in time to see this year’s showcase before it comes down. In the future I hope it can stay up for longer — perhaps six weeks? Anyway, nicely done! (as always) (I would have attended the opening this year if I hadn’t had a conflicting meeting.)

  2. Missed the exhibit. They obviously have the space. Is this something they could do with artists on a rotating basis say every six weeks? I realize it does take some work but it would be a good chance to really get to know some of our art students and alumni works.

    w melton

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