Morgan & Claypool’s Synthesis Digital Library Trial

The University of Toledo Libraries have arranged for free trial access to Morgan & Claypool’s Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science.   These cutting edge and authoritative electrical engineering and computer science resources are essentially specially-commissioned e-books on specific topics.  The range of content level is intended to be fairly broad, from state-of-the-art research overviews, such as Transactional Memory to presentations appropriate for undergraduates or professionals seeking a review, such as Pragmatic Circuits: DC and Time Domain.  Furthermore, there are biomedical collections and life sciences collections.

During this trial period you are free to view, print and download whatever you would like without restriction.  User IDs and passwords are NOT required, but the trial must be access through an on-campus computer.   The trial period begins today and runs through December 15.   See for more information.

Please contact Lucy Duhon with your feedback.

Knovel Database Trial (Engineering & Physical Sciences)

We have a trial subscription to the Knovel database until August 21, 2009.  Knovel is a collection of handbooks in the physical sciences and engineering and allows you to both locate information and manipulate the data for easy analysis.  Tables are available as interactive spreadsheets, and you can search for specific property values.   For more information about this product, and to start searching, see this announcement.  A video demo is also available to guide you through the basics of searching and analyzing using Knovel.

As always, we would appreciate your comments during the trial period.  Let us know if this would be useful to you in your classes or your research by e-mailing us at