New Business Database: Passport GMID

The University Libraries recently bought a subscription to a business & economics database from Euromonitor, Passport Global Market Information Database (GMID).   Passport GMID contains over a million demographic, economic and marketing statistics for 205 countries worldwide. The database also contains 6-year historic market size data for more than 330 consumer products in 52 countries, plus 5-year forecasts.   In all, the database has:


  • 4 million demographic, economic and marketing statistics
  • 4 million consumer lifestyle statistics
  • 200,000 market size statistics


  • 1,500 market reports
  • 8,500 sector briefings
  • 45 strategy briefings
  • 70 global reports examining consumer markets, services and sectors
  • 6,700 local company profiles
  • 500 global company profiles
  • 79 future demographic reports
  • 213 regional and country profiles
  • 176 country briefings
  • 74 consumer lifestyles reports


  • Timely insight into the factors influencing industries, countries and consumers
  • New product launches, marketing strategies and industry trends
  • Acquisitions, disposals and strategic partnerships
  • Regulatory issues and seasonal trends
  • Social, economic and political issues
  • Emerging consumer trends and attitudes
  • New consumer segments
  • World events in context

Do to the subject content, this database is available to Main Campus library users only.

Passport trial from Euromonitor

We have a trial subscription to Passport GMID from Euromonitor.  Passport is an international business information system, with statistics, market reports,  and other sources to analyze international markets.  You can search by industries, companies, or brands.    Our trial access will only be good for a few weeks, so check it out today!

As always, we would appreciate your comments during the trial period.  Let us know if this would be useful to you in your classes or your research by e-mailing us.