Two Career Resources on Trial during December

The University Libraries currently have trial access to two databases that could help you land a job or provide career guidance.  Please try out these databases and let us know what you think.  Send your comments to

Career Transitions

This resource provides an individualized career path self-assessment tool, a career and industry outlook locator, a resume advisor, job-landing advice, and a customizable search engine to locate actual job listings.

Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center

This database includes job and industry profiles, advice on job-hunting and workplace skills, and career and industry resources. Special features include college profiles, financial aid directories, and hundreds of videos on career and industry, as well as a career news, and an expert advice column. Get advice on such things as applying for a job, preparing for an interview, and etiquette in the workplace.

Morgan & Claypool’s Synthesis Digital Library Trial

The University of Toledo Libraries have arranged for free trial access to Morgan & Claypool’s Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science.   These cutting edge and authoritative electrical engineering and computer science resources are essentially specially-commissioned e-books on specific topics.  The range of content level is intended to be fairly broad, from state-of-the-art research overviews, such as Transactional Memory to presentations appropriate for undergraduates or professionals seeking a review, such as Pragmatic Circuits: DC and Time Domain.  Furthermore, there are biomedical collections and life sciences collections.

During this trial period you are free to view, print and download whatever you would like without restriction.  User IDs and passwords are NOT required, but the trial must be access through an on-campus computer.   The trial period begins today and runs through December 15.   See for more information.

Please contact Lucy Duhon with your feedback.

New Trial: Publishing Opportunities Database, through 11/30/09

The Publishing Opportunities Database provides the most extensive listing of opportunities for professors, post-doctorates and other students interested in presenting and publishing their research papers.  Information from three distinct sources (highly cited journals, journal special issues and academic conferences) is combined and presented in a convenient, intuitive format.

Each Publishing Opportunities Database record contains vital information about:

- The publication or conference
– The scope and topics on which manuscripts are sought
– Applicable deadlines for abstracts, manuscripts and final papers
– Manuscript formatting requirements
– Submission information
– Publication frequency
– Contact information

The database, which is updated twice each month, covers multidisciplinary subject areas.  It includes information on more than 14,000 highly cited journals, 2,000 special journal issues each year, and over 12,000 conference calls for papers annually.

We have access to this trial through the end of this month.  Please email us with any comments on this resource as we evaluate it for possible purchase.

Music Online Trial

For the next several weeks, we have trial access to the Music Online database.  This database includes both resources for listening to a variety of music, and reference materials to learn more about music in different genres.

Some of the subsets included are:

We will have access to this database during a trial period until October 25, 2009.  As always, we would appreciate your comments during the trial period.  Let us know if this would be useful to you in your classes or your research by e-mailing us.

Natural Standard Database Trial

We have a current trial to Natural Standard, a database which evaluates complementary medicine therapies.  Natural Standard was developed by clinicians and researchers to provide high quality, evidence-based information about complementary and alternative therapies. For each therapy covered by Natural Standard, a research team systematically gathers scientific data and expert opinions. Validated rating scales are used to evaluate the quality of available evidence. Information is incorporated into comprehensive reports which are designed to facilitate clinical decision making.

As always, we would appreciate your comments during the trial period, ending October 11, 2009.  Let us know if this would be useful to you in your classes or your research by e-mailing us.

JAMAevidence Trial

We have a trial subscription to JAMAevidence from the Journal of the American Medical Association. Evidence-based medicine (EBM) integrates the best available evidence with clinical experience that allows clinicians to recommend, and their patients to make, informed choices consistent with their values.   This resource will help you understand EBM and how to use it in making evaluations, with content primarily from two textbooks:

  • Users’ Guides to the Medical Literature: A Manual for Evidence-Based Clinical Practice, 2nd Edition
  • The Rational Clinical Examination: Evidence-Based Clinical Diagnosis

As always, we would appreciate your comments during the trial period, which ends October 1, 2009.  Let us know if this would be useful to you in your classes or your research by e-mailing us.

Passport trial from Euromonitor

We have a trial subscription to Passport GMID from Euromonitor.  Passport is an international business information system, with statistics, market reports,  and other sources to analyze international markets.  You can search by industries, companies, or brands.    Our trial access will only be good for a few weeks, so check it out today!

As always, we would appreciate your comments during the trial period.  Let us know if this would be useful to you in your classes or your research by e-mailing us.

Knovel Database Trial (Engineering & Physical Sciences)

We have a trial subscription to the Knovel database until August 21, 2009.  Knovel is a collection of handbooks in the physical sciences and engineering and allows you to both locate information and manipulate the data for easy analysis.  Tables are available as interactive spreadsheets, and you can search for specific property values.   For more information about this product, and to start searching, see this announcement.  A video demo is also available to guide you through the basics of searching and analyzing using Knovel.

As always, we would appreciate your comments during the trial period.  Let us know if this would be useful to you in your classes or your research by e-mailing us at

Two Database Trials: GREENR & Global Issues in Context

During the next month we have access to two new databases.  Please check them out and let us know what you think about them!

Global Issues in Context offers global perspectives on issues of international importance and current world events and topics in the news related to these issues.   It includes a variety of sources and media formats:

  • Overviews summarizing background information, historical context, contemporary stances, and the impact of each of the issues and news events featured.
  • Expert Perspectives analyzing an issue or event through multiple aspects, for example, cultural, religious, political, social, economic, scientific or health related.
  • Reference documents providing background information on all issues and nations.
  • Full-text international Magazines, Academic Journals, and News Sources.
  • Primary Sources, such as legislation and court proceedings
  • Statistics, including interactive graphs, tables, and charts
  • Such Multimedia elements as images, podcasts, and audio
  • Links to Web sites, including government sites and organizations

GREENR (Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources) is similar to the above, but focuses on the academic study of sustainability and the environment. Designed as a one-stop site, this resource provides news, video, primary source documents and more in highly accessible research areas covering relevant categories such as energy systems, healthcare, food and others.  You can explore the data in issue, organization and country portals.  Includes interactive maps, multimedia, and customizable news.

These trials will end in md-August, 2009.  Please send any comments to

Database Trial: Psych Evidence Matters

PsychEM Logo

The University Libraries have trial access to the Psych Evidence Matters database through the end of 2009.  This database uses  evidence-based practice principals to suggest the best therapy options for specific psychiatric diagnoses based on patient characteristics.  The analysis answers questions about effectiveness, safety, and cost of different therapy options reported in the medical literature.

If this database will help you in your classwork or research, please try it out and send any comments to