Catalog & Database Lists Improved!

We’re rolling out improvements to the look and functionality of two important library resources today!

Click to see a larger screenshot with explanations.

The library catalog will get a new look… now your search will bring up the most relevant materials to the top of your search, and you’ll be able to further refine your search by location, format, date, etc. using the menus at the left.  Also new is one step searching for articles, right from the catalog search results.  This brings almost all of our materials– books, articles, DVDs, and much more–into a single easy search.  Check it out today!  The old version of the library catalog is still available for searching, too.

The other major improvement is to our list of research databases and other electronic resources.  Our new page features an alphabetical menu across the top and an expanded menu of subject categories.  All databases are listed, including those that we get through OhioLINK and those that we purchase just for University of Toledo users.  Signing in from off campus is easy–just use your name and Rocket ID number, including the ‘R’ at the beginning.

If you have any comments on these changes, please let us know either here in the blog or at

UT Students’ Projects Now in Digital Resource Commons

UT Libraries recently contributed copies of over 400 graduate students’ projects to OhioLINK’s Digital Resource Commons (DRC). Users are able to browse and search the collection a variety of different ways and view the full text of all documents free of charge.

The Digital Resource Commons was created to provide a statewide platform for Ohio’s public universities and private colleges to save and share the instructional, research, historic, and creative materials they produce.

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Currently all of the UT projects in the DRC were written by graduate students on the Health Science Campus and its predecessors, the Medical University of Ohio and Medical College of Ohio.  Included are:

  • Scholarly projects by master’s students in biomedical sciences, nursing, occupational health, and physician assistant studies;
  • Scholarly and capstone projects by master’s and doctoral students in occupational therapy;
  • Scholarly projects by master’s and doctoral students in physical therapy; and
  • Evidence-based practice projects by doctoral students in nursing.

So far they are the only programs which have submitted students’ projects in digital format to UT Libraries for cataloging.  Digital copies of projects from other graduate programs are more than welcome.  Please contact Sheryl Stevens in the UT Libraries Cataloging Department for more information.

Records for all these projects are still in the Libraries’ online catalog.  All links have been updated to connect to the new DRC locations.


Link from Library Catalog to More Resources

When you do a search in the library catalog, you can often link out to more resources on the same topic.  Just do a search like you normally would, and then click on the ‘More Resources’ button to the right of the title.

This will bring up a menu of additional options based on the item you’re looking at, such as:

  • Searching for the same subject or title in our Research Databases to find articles.  (While the catalog can tell you what books, videos, and other items we have, it cannot find individual articles on a subject.)
  • Looking in online reference resources including encyclopedias
  • Finding e-books on the topic
  • Connecting to a Library Guide developed by our own librarians for more research ideas.

Use the ‘More Resources’ button to expand your research today!

Saving Lists in the Library Catalog

Sometimes when you’re working on research or just looking for a good book to read, you’ll find yourself wanting to create a list of interesting books while you’re browsing or searching the library catalog.   The catalog has two tools to help you with this:

The first is the ‘Save Records’ or ‘Save Marked Records’ button.  You can think of this as your ‘shopping cart’ at an online store.  When you are looking at an individual item, you can hit Save Record to put in into a temporary list; or, if you are looking at a list of items, click on the checkbox to the right and Save Marked Record (or Save all on Page).  To see the items you’ve marked this session,  click on the View Saved button with the shopping cart icon.  You can e-mail, print, or save these records in a variety of formats.

The other way to save items of interest is more like a Wishlist or Folder function… you can save lists of items to your own individual account so that you can come back to them at any time.  When you check the box next to a item in a list, you’ll have the option to Save to My Lists.  If you’re not logged in to your account, you will be prompted to log in at this point.  You can then either select an existing list to save the item to, or create a new list.  You can have multiple lists to manage different projects.  To see all of your lists, log in to your Library Record and click on the My Lists button at the right.  You can then see click on any item in the list to see details, export the entire list, or remove individual items.

We hope these tools will help you use our catalog better to find and remember good resources for your work or in creating wishlists for books you’d like to read.

Let us know if you have any questions about this function or any other function of our catalog.  You can reach us using any of the contact methods on the Ask a Librarian page.