Librarians & English Dept. publish research on ESL Students & Libraries

Librarians Julia A. Martin and Elaine M. Reeves were co-authors on a paper titled “Relationship building with students and instructors of ESL: Bridging the gap for library instruction and services” in the journal Reference Services Review (Vol. 40 No. 3, 2012, pp. 352-367).  The paper describes the benefits of relationship building between a librarian and two English As A Second Language (ESL) instructors and the information literacy sessions created for two ESL classrooms as a result of the collaboration.  Students for whom English is a second language often do not utilize the librarian for help or attend library orientation and instruction sessions. This paper finds that librarians and ESL instructors can bridge the gap for ESL students. English Department co-authors were Kathleen M. Reaume and Ryan D. Wright.